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Wounds won’t heal the way you

want them to, they heal the

way they need to.

Dele Olanubi

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Totem Mask

Working with my hands, in this case, creating art from clay, "mud," helps me focus on the "here and now," while gaining satisfaction through the act of creation.

I've enjoyed the hands-on experience of ceramics at my local City College "Lifelong Learning" enrichment classes.

For my project in a class challenge assignment, and as a result of my attraction to American Indian spirituality, I created this "mask," modeled after designs of those of Northwest American Indians.

Fashioned from a medium bodied clay (containing a moderate amount of sand), this mask was bisque fired, then highlighted with enamel paint.

Bottom line: we all possess a unique ability to express ourselves.


* This post updated from its original which appeared on Primate's Big Adventures.

Photo Credit: Connard Hogan


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