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What makes us lonely are the

feelings that we never share

with anyone.
Bunny Naidu


          Though my writing in itself is rewarding to me, it is far more so to know that others enjoy what I've written, that they learn something new or gain a deeper perspective of our shared humanity, and are encouraged and inspired on their healing life journeys.

          I'd like to know what you think of my website and my writing, including posts and photos. I've provided numerous opportunities to "Follow Me," "Subscribe" to  my quarterly newsletter and send me a "Comment."  If in addition to sending me a comment he
re, you would like to receive my quarterly newsletter, then please, subscribe. And, by all means, please follow me on my social links, as well as tell your friends and family.
          I plan to craft and send a newsletter every quarter, which will include an update on my writing life, the publication status of my work, information about my blog posts . . . and more.  I expect the contents of my newsletter will evolve over time, and your ideas will assist me in doing so.

          Feel free to email me directly or submit a comment below.

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Join Connard Hogan’s journey in search of emotional & spiritual balance, through his crafting of nonfiction stories as a trauma survivor, a Vietnam Veteran and an adult child of an alcoholic father, and on topics of outdoor adventure and world travel.

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