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One day you will tell your story of how you overcame what

you went through and it will be someone else’s survival guide.
Brene’ Brown


I invite you to read the work I showcase here, which includes a variety of my published work, primarily nonfiction, based on experiences of trauma, as well as, my activities of world travel, and outdoor adventure of hiking and climbing. Follow the title links, and if you enjoy my writing, please comment & share on social media . . . and be sure to tell your friends and family.

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* I'm excited to announce the availability of my memoir!

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Once Upon a Kentucky Farm cover_edited.jpg

Cover Design by Lewis Agrell

Deadly Writers Patrol, Spring 2018 Edition

* This nonfiction short story was awarded "Honorable Mention" in the nonfiction category at the 2013 Santa Barbara Writers Conference.  (Excerpted chapter from my memoir, Another Day in Vietnam.)

* Published: Connard Hogan, "Who Goes There," The Deadly Writers Patrol, #14, Spring 2018.

Photo Credit: Col. Jocelyn Ontiveros, U.S. Marine Corps

* Essay on the similarities of our current social & political environment to that of 1861 (beginnings of the American Civil War).


* Published: Connard Hogan, "Echoes of 1861: A Fragile Freedom that Is Vulnerable from Within," The Santa Barbara Independent.

Santa News Press, Echoes of 1861, Illustration by Peter Kuper

Illustration Credit: Peter Kuper,

* An experimental prose/poetry piece, "Bach Roman Day," relies on our mind's power of association using modern last names taken from a local phone directory. So quiet your analytical mind and allow your inner poet to conjure a May day of feasting and orgy in ancient Rome.


* Published: Connard Hogan, "Bach Roman Day (Back In Roman Day)," The Offbeat, #19, Spring 2019.

* This article mentioned in "New Issue of The Offbeat" blog post by Lauren Tiedje.

The Offbeat Literary Journal, Spring 2019

Photo Credit: Adam Fox-Long

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