Wounds won’t heal the way you

want them to, they heal the

way they need to.

Dele Olanubi

  • Connard Hogan

Chaucer's Book Signing Event for "Once Upon a Kentucky Farm"

My “Once Upon A Kentucky Farm” book signing at Chaucer's Books on May 9, '22 was a rousing success.

Interviewed by Rachel Sarah Thurston, State of Sparkle, we discussed my process writing this memoir, which is about my navigation of dysfunctional family abuse and how I found healing during my childhood visits to my maternal grandparents’ farm in rural Kentucky.

The early portion of the event.

I read an excerpt.

Then, I signed copies!

Many thanks to Mike Takeuchi and Chaucer's Bookstore and all of my friends and loved ones who attended this event in support of me.

Walk in beauty.