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Wounds won’t heal the way you

want them to, they heal the

way they need to.

Dele Olanubi

  • Writer's pictureConnard Hogan


Months into the COVID-19 lock-down, a realization struck me one day as if I'd been challenged with a Zen koan. Feeling isolated, though happily married, I found solace in reminding myself of my connection with all living things, and beyond that everything in the universe. I consider that my spirituality. Bottom line: you're part of the big picture and can't be otherwise (regardless of what you think, feel or do). I encourage you to kindle an awe of the universe, and through that, feel or find your connection, too! I offer the following "poem."

As COVID “stay at home” gnaws at my psyche,

And boredom whittles down my enthusiasm,

I grieve the spontaneous interaction with others,

Zoom a pale substitute for handshakes and hugs.

Then, songbirds trumpeting their melodies,

Or an owl calling through the darkness,

Reminds me I’m connected to all else,

Separated only by my thinking.


* This post updated from its original which appeared on Primate's Big Adventures.

Photo Credit: Untitled by Greg Rakozy -


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